Centers of Excellence

The Gemelli Isola Tiberina Hospital’s Centers of Excellence

The Gemelli Isola Tiberina Hospital is organized by Centers of Excellence by partology with the aim of ensuring clinical and scientific quality by following the patient throughout their care path within the Hospital through Diagnostic-Therapeutic Care Pathways built in accordance with national and international guidelines and through a constant measurement of clinical outcomes.

Cardiovascular Sciences

The Center of Excellence Cardiovascular Sciences is committed to the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, providing patients with up-to-date and efficient specialized care.

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Gastrointestinal and Endocrine-Metabolic Diseases

The Gastrointestinal and Endocrine-Metabolic Diseases Center of Excellence focuses on the treatment of disorders of the digestive and endocrine-metabolic systems, taking an integrated approach that combines the expertise of medicine and surgery.

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Knee and Hip Prosthetic Surgery and Traumatology

The Center of Excellence for Knee and Hip Prosthetic Surgery and Trauma Surgery aims to further develop its specialization in the field of trauma and non-trauma orthopedic surgery.

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Radiation & Medical Oncology and Diagnostic Imaging

The Center of Excellence in Radiation Oncology, Medical and Imaging Diagnostics offers diagnosis and treatment services for patients with oncological diseases by combining innovation, expertise and humanity to provide high-quality care.

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Vision Pathologies

The Center of Excellence for Sight Pathology has state-of-the-art technology to manage general ophthalmology and treat a wide range of conditions, including retinal detachment and maculopathy.

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Woman and Nascent Child

The Women’s and Nascent Child Center of Excellence offers services and pathways of care for all women and newborn babies in a comprehensive way. It also deals with other aspects related to reproductive age, menopause, postpartum and women’s health in general.

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