Urgent Assistance

Emergency admission is activated:

  • Via the emergency room
  • Via 118
  • Via Emergency Medical Service (Guardia medica)
  • Via assisted transport
  • Via direct access

The Hospital is the headquarters of the 1st level DEA (Emergency/Acceptance Departments) and guarantees assistance to patients who require treatment in emergency conditions or with a request for non-deferrable assistance.

The DEA provides services aimed at the diagnosis and clinical stabilization of the patient. If the clinical conditions require, hospitalisation at the Hospital or, in the event of unavailability of a bed, a protected transfer to another accepting health facility is provided.

The benefits are borne by the NHS with the exception of the “white codes”, which are required to pay the fee provided for by the current regulations at the CUP branches in the central courtyard.

Foreign citizens, even if not in compliance with the rules relating to entry and stay, are guaranteed immediate and urgent care, including the protection of the health of minors and the protection of maternity. 

Foreign citizens residing in Italy and registered with the NHS are guaranteed the care provided by the SSR (Sistema Sanitario Regionale). 

In any case, it is mandatory for all Italian and foreign citizens to present a valid identity document and the TEAM certificate (health card) or other certificate specific to the country of origin.

Chiamaci Useful numbers
Useful numbers
Private Activity Cup 06 6923 42 42
Switchboard 06 68 371

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