Pastoral Service

The Pastoral Service ensures: the assistance and spiritual care of the hospitalized person and the workers, the willingness to listen and personal dialogue, the spiritual animation of the hospital community, the humanization of hospital services, the human and spiritual formation of the staff, the search for more effective pastoral and welfare models and increasingly consistent with the charism of hospitality.

In addition, it collaborates with the Diocesan Council for Health Pastoral Care in Rome, with the ecclesial institutions interested in a pastoral commitment in this area, with civil health institutions and with ministers of worship of other churches and religions for the assistance of their hospitalized faithful.


To be witnesses of the Gospel of Mercy for people who suffer and their families. Announce God’s closeness as a health experience. Involve collaborators and volunteers in the mission of the Hospital. Assisting the sick person globally according to the values of St. John of God and the Order of Clerics of the Mother of God.

Chiamaci Useful numbers
Useful numbers
Private Activity Cup 06 6923 42 42
Switchboard 06 68 371

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