Elective (scheduled) hospitalization can only be proposed by Hospital physicians after specialist outpatient visit.
The physician himself will send the patient to the Admissions Office located in the Patient Administrative Services Area (Ground Floor Staircase C) for inclusion on the waiting list.

The reservation lists are distinguished according to:

  • Operating Unit
  • Scheduled regimen (Day Hospital, Day Surgery, ordinary, ordinary with prehospitalization)
  • Priority level

The opening hours of the Patient Administrative Services Office to the public are as follows:

Mon – Fri07 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Sat07 a.m. – 1 p.m.


Patients referred to the prehospitalization service are summoned by telephone to report to the
hospital for the purpose of preoperative examinations, anesthesiologic examination and any
additional necessary investigations.
Typically, the surgery and/or procedure is performed within 30 days from the date of

The cost of the examinations is borne by the hospital except in cases where the patient does not show up or refuses the service; in that case, current regulations provide that the latter is charged the full cost of the services (regional rate, from the regional nomenclator), similar to what happens for failure to pick up referrals inherent in outpatient services (National Financial Law 296/06 c 796). Prehospitalization service is carried out at the outpatient clinics staircase C ground floor next to the Admissions office located in the Patient Administrative Services Area. News about reservations and waiting times can be obtained at the aforementioned office where the forms for exercising rights provided by GDPR 2016/679 are also filed.

At the time of admission:
On the day of admission, it is necessary to carry an identification document, health card and social security number. The patient must go to the Admissions Office located in the Patient Administrative Services Area (Ground Floor Staircase C). For foreign citizens, the passport and/or identity card if citizens of the European Community and/or residence permit is required, as well as the health card (or equivalent document) and all clinical documentation deemed useful which should be handed over to the administrative officer who will be responsible for returning it upon discharge. It is inadvisable to bring valuables or large amounts of money as the hospital cannot guarantee against any, possible theft or loss of items left unattended.

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Useful numbers
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Switchboard 06 68 371

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