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The activities carried out by the UOSD of Medical Genetics are aimed at people who have a genetic disease or are at risk of developing it, couples with fertility or poly-abortivity problems and/or the verification of any predispositions related to specific genetic defects.

Useful information for patients

In his path, the patient performs a pre-test consultation aimed at providing information on the genetic tests required, the purposes of the examination, the limits of the techniques used and to collect useful information to verify the possible family risk for specific genetic alterations. Post-test technical genetic counselling is provided along the way.

Below are the conditions that may most frequently require genetic counseling:

  • Individuals in whose families there is a genetic disease already diagnosed 
  • Individuals with a congenital defect or affected family members
  • Carriers of both genetic diseases and structural chromosomal rearrangements. 
  • Couples who have had children born or aborted foetuses with malformations 
  • Couples or families with repeated abortions and/or infertility
  • Couples in which there are deaths in childhood. 
  • Couples whose families have died from recurrent diseases
  • Consanguineous couples
  • People of geographical and/or ethnic origin in which carriers of specific diseases are more frequent
  • Couples who want information about possible reproductive risks
  • Subjects familiar with tumors (e.g., colorectal, breast-eye)
  • Subjects with non-clinically defined pathology


For Medical Genetics exams, the reports can be collected at the Scala D Outpatient Clinic.

Tue and Thur14.30 - 16.00
Sat08.00 - 10.00

Please note: It is not possible to use the proxy for the withdrawal of prenatal examinations.


Ground Floor Staircase C


Outpatient 066837542
Secretariat 066837523

Reservation with pre-test genetic counseling
(h. Mod – Fri  07.30 – 18.30)
(h. Sat 07.30 – 12.40)

Days and Hours of Access

For Medical Genetics exams, the reports can be collected at the Scala D
Mar Outpatient Clinic
Tue – Thu 14.30 – 16.00
Sat 8.00 – 10.00

Medical team

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