Aesthetic Medicine

The Outpatient Service of Aesthetic Medicine and Psychophysical Wellbeing in Pathology (SAMEst) has been active since 1994.
It is operated by medical and cosmetological professionals who, in support of the various specialist branches, are responsible for managing those who experience discomfort with an imperfection related to a pathology and finalizing their intervention to achieve and maintain health, understood not as the absence of disease but as an expression of psychophysical, physical and social well-being.

The Service provides advice for other departments (oncology, radiotherapy, gynaecology, senology)The quality of the Service is ensured by the direct experience of the operators and validated by the supervision of the Italian Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SIME) and the International School of Aesthetic Medicine of the Carlo Alberto Bartoletti Foundation.

Each therapy is necessarily preceded by the First Visit in Aesthetic Medicine to guide the choice of the most suitable and effective therapeutic program for the patient.

Services provided

  • Prevention of general and skin ageing
  • Therapies for hyperpigmentation (skin spots)
  • Therapies to maintain and improve skin quality
  • Adequate cosmetic prescription to restore normal skin balance
  • Complication Therapies in Aesthetic Medicine
  • Prevention and therapies of edematous fibrous sclerotic panniculopathy (cellulitis)
  • Therapies for teleangiectasias of the lower limbs (capillaries)
  • Corrective therapies for signs of skin ageing
  • Expression Wrinkle Therapies
  • Skin and scalp biostimulation therapies with platelet-enriched plasma

Staircase B 3rd floor


Contacts: 06683705010668370081 066837235

Days and Hours of Access

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
From 9.00 to 19.00



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