Nephrology and Dialysis

The Dialysis Centre of the Gemelli Isola Tiberina Hospital, founded in the seventies, is one of the first to open in Rome and has since carried out an intense and demanding work of care for nephropathic patients.

In recent years, the activity of the Centre has grown considerably to achieve an important integration between the actual Dialysis Centre, the Nephrology clinic to which the Transplant clinic, the Nephrological Day Hospital and the hospital beds have been added. This allows us to follow and address the multiple aspects that nephrological disease presents.

An intense consultancy activity is also carried out with 24-hour availability for patients in other departments of the Hospital and belonging to the Emergency Department.

Main conditions treated

  • Renal transplant
  • Arterial hypertension
  • Glomerulonephritis
  • Chronic Kidney Disease in various stages
  • Diabetic Kidney Damage
  • Vasculitis
  • Polycystic Kidney
  • Urinary Tract Infections
  • Management of devices for obstructive uropathy and their complications

Services provided

The Department is structured in such a way as to operate in every sector of the discipline and offer all the services and therapeutic options available today, in election and in urgency.

The Nephrological Outpatient Clinic is held daily from Monday to Friday. 

As part of the outpatient activity, specific PACs for Nephrology are also carried out (arterial hypertension, preparation for kidney transplantation, diagnosis of nephropathy, follow-up of kidney transplantation, evaluation of the living donor, chronic kidney failure). Patients on conservative therapy, followed in the predialysis surgery, are presented with the possibility of choosing to undertake renal function replacement therapy by haemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis. In the event that  the patient chooses to perform peritoneal dialysis, contacts are made and the patient is sent to the other reference nephrological facilities.

Inpatient activities

The nephrological hospitalization activity is carried out both in ordinary hospitalization and in Day Hospital. The UOSD  has 2 ordinary hospital beds and 4 Nephrological Day Hospital beds. The hospitalisation is mainly aimed at the diagnosis and treatment of kidney diseases in the pre-dialytic phase and the complications related to them, the diagnosis and treatment of patients with acute renal failure and patients on chronic haemodialysis who need hospitalisation for intercurrent diseases or complications related to the same haemodialysis treatment. Renal biopsies are also performed in close collaboration with the Doctors of Interventional Radiology.

Dialytic Activity

The Dialysis Centre is equipped with 10 outpatient stations offering multiple dialysis techniques, in addition to two emergency dialysis and inpatient stations. The treatment of acute patients is carried out in close collaboration with the Critical Area Departments of the Hospital (CRTI/UTIC) also with continuous dialysis methods. The activity is organised in three daily shifts, for a total of 60 assisted outpatients. Medical and nursing availability is ensured at night and on public holidays.

scientific research activities

Scientific research activity has focused on the nutritional aspects of chronic nephropathic patients and amyloidosis, recently enriching the part related to the molecular aspects of the progression of chronic kidney disease, in particular in patients with glomerulonephritis, diabetes and kidney transplantation.

Teaching activity

Scientific conferences and refresher courses are organized periodically. The UOSD is in agreement with the Graduate School of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Rome and with the Degree Course in Medicine and Surgery of the Bio-medical Campus University of Rome. This allows graduate students and medical students to attend the Department.


Dialysis center: Basement (-1), PS side
Nephrological hospitalisation: Piano 4
Day hospital and outpatient clinic: Floor 2 Staircase C


Nursing Care Manager
Medical Manager


Days and Hours of Access

Nephrology outpatient clinic: Mon – Fri

Medical team

The Gemelli Isola Tiberina Hospital team is composed of a group of highly qualified and passionate experts, who work together to provide high quality care and innovative solutions. It is made up of doctors, surgeons, nurses and many other healthcare professionals specialised in a wide range of medical disciplines
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Useful numbers
Private Activity Cup 06 6923 42 42
Switchboard 06 68 371

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